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We might not be talking about the same reset. Complete speculation, but for example, lets say we find out that running 8 people thru 16 man NiM EC and kill the trash up to the first boss. We get 2-3 ranks from it in about 30 minutes and then reset to kill them all again.

Is that their intention? or are we crossing their ill-defined line?
They could change remove the Command XP you got from the trash, so if it's not their intention they should say so.

Or they could just increase the phase reset timer to an hour, either way if they don't take action prior to the use of an already existing method of farming (Brontes fingers anyone?) then they're not making the rules clear.

I know plenty of people who use Brontes to level from 55-65 in less than an hour. Since this is an already existing tactic, they should inform us before taking action - and if anyone ignored the launcher warning then it would be their fault.
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