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We might not be talking about the same reset. Complete speculation, but for example, lets say we find out that running 8 people thru 16 man NiM EC and kill the trash up to the first boss. We get 2-3 ranks from it in about 30 minutes and then reset to kill them all again.
The mechanic is working as intended. You are killing mobs on the highest difficulty level for the appropriate reward in GCXP. Bioware said that the amount of GCXP you get is higher in NiM and HM difficulty than in SM difficulty. The more difficult a content part is, the more GCXP you get. Bioware stated that their intention is to give one crate every thirty minutes on average during the first few levels. And you're using the reset mechanic to reset the operation. You're not using a bug in the system. The mobs are dropping a slight amount of XP, the reset properly resets the operation (as it was intended to do), and you kill the mobs in a reasonable fight. No obvious bugs there. The system is safe.

Seeing that you are running the most difficult content there is (and not the intended SM content to start with), two levels in that timeframe are reasonable for the lower levels of GC.

The basic question to ask is whether a mechanic is being used the way it is intended to be used. If all the mechanics are working as intended, and you're not sneaking around any necessary systems, it's a valid form of farming GCXP. If you'd find a mob that instantly gives an entire level up and is a one-hit enemy, I'd suggest stopping that activity. A three second mob kill for an entire level is definitely not an intended mechanic.

Whether you're making 1.6 or 1.8 levels per half an hour is a scaling issue between content difficulties and boss balancing. However, if you suddenly start making ten levels per thirty minutes? That's probably not intended at all.

It's applying common sense to GC. If every boss or trash mob in the game drops 10 GCXP by default, and you find a simple bandit on Tatooine that drops a thousand GCXP for a two second fight on a thirty second spawn timer? That's definitely not intended at all. Not if the average level takes a thousand GCXP during the first 100 levels.

Would that not be playing the game a way that is not intended? Honest question because to me is sounds like you definition is not 100% correct.
No. It's entirely your decision what kinds of content you use in what timeframe to level up to max level. Bioware is recommending you to use story because it's their strong point. If you feel as if leveling up via space combat alone is your thing, you can just do that. It's the same with experience gain in WoW. Blizzard recommends questing and dungeons for the best XP curve. Then there's DoubleAgent. Someone who gathers herbs and goes to 110 without ever killing a mob. He never exploited a mechanic. He choose the playstyle he likes best and used that.

I get the feeling some people are are desperately trying to find a workout to this definition in order to "win" an argument here. Applying common sense to a mechanic isn't hard.