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I think people are reading too much into this in terms of intention. I doubt Bioware knows that there is a specific exploit that they are pushing to live, but I rather think Bioware wants to make sure that people are aware that exploiting the game has a punishment. Period.

Bioware was accused of being too soft with exploiters and their ill-received gains in the past, and they were constantly "attacked" for not making cause and effect clear enough. This is a clear message: If you find a way to quickly cap GCXP on multiple characters within the first week, you are doing something that isn't intended to be.

Now, here's where it gets important: Eric has made an important point about the idea that "if it is too good to be true, it probably is!" People who engage in exploits are often quite aware that what they are doing is not intended to be done, or supported by the average/intended game mechanics in any way. Let me take the world quest example from WoW:

The world quest system promotes traveling the Broken Isles in order to complete certain quests that rewards Order Hall Resources (a currency used for building troops for missions and upgrading your class hall), gold, crafting materials, and artifact power (think of it as "experience" for weapons). Players found a bugged world quest in Suramar that enabled them to complete the quest over and over again after logging out. Kill ten mobs. Gain 5k XP. Log out and back in. Rince and Repeat.

Now, seeing that every other world quest is designed to be done once, it was quite clear that this was a bug. The quest was not intended to behave that way. The AP gain was ridiculous, and no other world quest ever reset that quickly or upon relogging within a few seconds. The players who repeatedly used that quest knew that they were using a bug to trick the system.

Let's put that into SWTOR terms:

Imagine you want to farm GCXP by doing solo mode flashpoints. You travel to the FP using the GC interface. Now, you might be playing a shadow like me, and sneaking past mobs is the trick of the trade. You stealth, run past the trash, and only kill the available bosses. You then use "Exit Area" to travel back, then reset and do the same thing again. This would not be an exploit, seeing that you are only using the tools the game is providing, and the mechanics as they were meant to be used:

Stealth is meant to avoid trash mobs/mobs as a class that can actually stealth through the dungeon. You're not traveling anywhere you're not supposed to be. You kill the bosses fair and square. Then you reset the flashpoint with an intended reset mechanic and do the same thing again. You're just doing what people have always been doing for years - use the reset mechanic to farm the bosses and skip trash.

Now imagine you're doing warzones. GCXP is a reward. It's supposed to be given out as a complimentary reward after finishing an activity - killing a boss and ending a warzone come to mind. You quit one of the warzones before it actually ends, and you get a big command XP booster. You're a sly person, and you try that again. You join a warzone and quit after a few seconds without the warzone even having started properly.'re awarded an experience booster again! You do that over and over again. You don't finish a single warzone for two hours, and yet you make five to six levels per hour. That's most likely uninteded, seeing that you aren't even rewarded for doing anything. Reward are distributed at the end of a warzone since 1.0. Everyone who has the slightest experience with PvP knows that.


If it's too good to be true, it probably is. Use common sense.

Anyway, tell us whether resetting instances is an exploit or not. This is not intended use as I see it, but who knows, maybe you intended us to do it.
Of course it's the intended use. You can reset an instance if you've killed all the bosses and obtained their loot. This has always been the case since "ancient times". Before the dark times of 3.0. You're not circumventing any mechanic at all. You're not using a system in an unintended way. You reset the FP as soon as all the bosses are down. That's the intended effect.