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I appreciate the response and I understand you are just the messenger, but I want to make a point of noting that the following statement:

is a tautology, aka: circular.

"What is an exploit?" It's what isn't intended.

"What's not intended?" Anything that is an exploit.

Might seem obvious to the devs, since they know what their intentions were, but we don't all know what the intentions are.

For example, the question TUX asked about resetting an instance. Would that be considered an exploit? To me, it seems like one of those things that is on the borderline... maybe not intended, but not necessarily game breaking either. It's also the kind of thing that could be avoided in development by (for example) storing mob kill data somewhere for things that have a weekly lockout and then putting in code that says the mob kills only give you the XP once a week on that character. That is, if it is a thing that is unintended.

But with it open-ended as it is, we need to know.
I don't think they know what the exploit is exactly that can happen and if they do, they aren't saying because they don't want people to do it and admit that the expansion isn't up to code like they wanted it to be or they are just worried an exploit will happen because as with the KOTFE expansion it dropped something in the system broke and there was a credit exploit and the same thing can happen with this new system when it drops, something in the game will break and cause an exploit except this time it has to deal with CXP instead of credits. What it is or possibly could be they don't know or are unwilling to tell us. It also maybe that they don't want to tell us so people who have used exploits in the past can be caught in the act and dealt with properly. This is all theoretical of course but I put nothing past Bioware.
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