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[*]If you happen to hear about a possible exploit, do not test it yourself. This can leave you open to action being taken against your account.[/list]
I guess I sort of understand the reasoning behind this (I assume you don't want people trying to weasel out of punishment by claiming they were "testing" an exploit). But... it also concerns me as it sounds a bit heavy-handed.

I mean, say I stumble upon an exploit and accidentally do it once. How can you tell the difference between that and testing it, or that and doing it intentionally to get unintended rewards/progression? I don't see how you possibly could tell the difference and if you punish for first time offenders, that's not going to be taken well.

And what if I hear a rumor, but I think it might be bull and I want to test it before I go sending some nonsense report in? Would you rather players not take the initiative just so that you can better discern who has or hasn't broken the rules? It seems like it'd be obvious that if somebody does an exploit once or twice, they're only testing it or stumbled onto it and if they do it repeatedly, it's intentional.

You also need to be extra clear, as TUX pointed out, on what is and isn't an exploit with Galactic Command, if you are going to be extra diligent.

This isn't my first rodeo with postings in MMOs about exploits and I've seen it go awry before. You need to make it crystal clear what constitutes crossing the line and that means being proactive about the details of CXP and gains, not just being reactive when you inevitably get reports about some bug.
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