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Yeah. My character is Dark II at Level 26, and if I decided to backpedal towards the Light (I'm at something like 650 Light/3200 Dark at the moment), it wouldn't be a turn around occurrence.

I've just gotten to Tattooine myself, so it will be interesting to "meet" myself there. Looking forward to that! Not sure how I'll play it though - I play a mild sadistic patriot. I do what's best for the Empire, but I have fun doing it. At the same time, my character is also very civil and humane to those in his charge. I removed Vette's collar immediately, I'm civil and polite with Quinn and all my contacts (Assuming I'm directed towards them deliberately and not just the random Imperial Officer going "I need help!" Those people I'm a total ****** to)...I even let the Republic Commandos who aided me on Nar Shadda leave in peace after helping me take down the Sith Lord there.

It'll be interesting to see where my Sith Warrior goes there.

And yeah, Warriors don't seem to have near the kind of freedom Knights have, based on Tython compared to Korriban, which seems like a serious story changer in the long term (Being able to kill your master in favor for a Dark Jedi? That's kind of ******). At the same time, if you don't roll as a Dark Jedi right away, the choices seem rather forced.
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