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12.29.2011 , 05:15 PM | #14
The SW quests start out pretty awesome. The dialog options seem well thought out, and for the most part you have a different game based on what you choose. Starting at the end of chapter 1 and moving on, you're basically left with "which form of baby-eating do you want?" with the occasional option to punch the baby instead of eat them. Starting as a LS warrior, I was let down with how shallow the story became as you progressed. Also, your master is basically clueless and ignores just about everything you do. The voice work just sort of "moves on". For a one dialog he's angry, then suddenly he continues on as if you chose the baby-eating option. It seems odd, given the fact that Vette basically doesn't condone it, so you're left with multiple cases of "which option will I upset vette with?"

The Knight really has the other problem. He's either goody goodie, or a jerk. On Tython you have to actually make choices. Later on it's basically "am I a jerk or not". A lot of the quest responses remind me of that Youtube video of "jedi's are $-holes".

I think SW probably is pretty awesome if you want to play a straight DS character and revel in your accumulation of power. On the negative side, you're stuck with the worst looking armor in the game if you go juggernaut.