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I began this character, my now level 33 Sith Marauder, as a slightly DS Imperial zealot. Anything for the Empire. Not quite a homicidal maniac, as the quests would let you be, but definitely not a softie. I realized that being evil doesn't necessarily fit my playstyle, but I feared that the Jedi storyline would be too stuffy to be engaging (speculation, let me know if it isn't! Seriously, let me know).

Tattooine gave me an out. The encounter with "yourself" in the small pool gave myself and my character an incredibly satisfying reason to turn to the light, and as such, I've been playing as a good and honorable guy since. It's quite a compelling reason to play the game, I feel like I have purpose in what I'm doing.

I just got off of Jaesa Willsaam's ship. I chose dialogue options fitting to the character I was playing; I was peaceful and sought a peaceful resolution. However, I was forced to fight one of them. At the end, the Jedi asked me if the Dark Side was the source of such power. I got very excited to have an option embracing the light in front of a Jedi who I just beat in combat. I was disappointed to see it did not exist. Instead, my character declared his allegiance to the Dark even though that isn't even close to what's going on right now.

Is this how it's going to be for the rest of my playthrough? I can pretend to be a good guy during the pitiful throwaway side quests but when it comes to the meat of the story I have to be all Dark Side all the time? I was hopeful that there would be an avenue for a redemption of sorts. I'm fairly committed to playing Sith now that I'm so far in the leveling process (not to mention Bounty Hunter is incredibly more interesting than Trooper ). Can anyone who has played further than I have tell me if my concerns are valid?