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Playing a Sith Warrior and a Jedi Knight here.

The Sith Warrior is just so much fun. From the rivalry plot on Korriban to working as a Enforcer for the Darth your apprenticed to, to turning a Jedi to the Dark Side...I feel like Darth Vader. It's also fun to just randomly kill NPCs for no other reason then because you can. Executing a bumbling Imperial Officer for botching a deal is just so...satisfying.

And this is coming from a guy who normally hates playing a "bad guy".

That being said, I think the Jedi Knight quests are a lot more engrossing - at least on Tython compared to Korriban (My Knight hasn't even gone to Corusant yet. Still with the Fleet). The Rivalry quest on Korriban for Warriors was fun, the fallen Jedi for the Knights is just engaging story telling. Especially because unlike the Sith Warrior, you have the choice to dramatically alter your Knight's story before you even get off the starting world. I obviously chose the Light Side option there, but the fact the option is even given - and in the manner in which it is given - that impressed the heck out of me and ensures that, unlike my Warrior, I'll definitely be rolling a second Knight to explore the darker path the story could have taken.
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