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Hey guys, noticed some mass confusion on the Taral V' end boss last night and decided to post up the strat Me and my group ran with.

Once you get to the final boss you will notice he will have four turrets flanking him. Use the prototype weapons computer to the northeast of the entrance to destroy the two forward guns.

After this buff up and prepare for a fun fight. First things first - send your two highest Dpsers to obliterate the two rear turrets flanking the boss. After this begin grinding down the boss.

At around 40-45k Hitpoints the boss will begin spawning droids. He only summons 2 waves with a total of 4 droids in each wave. These droids are dangerous as they will put a debuff on you called "Analyze weakness." This debuff will increase the damage you receive by a very large amount and will cause you to all be annihilated when the boss unleashes his cone attack.
The way to deal with these adds is for everyone to focus fire on each droid in sequence, thus destroying them in as little time as possible.

After the droids are destroyed use every buff you possibly have and unleash all the DPS you can muster on the main boss (WARNING: This is critical. If you spend to long killing the boss his droids will debuff you to a point of utter destruction)

Soon the Boss will spawn out his second wave of droids. IGNORE THEM! If you have any classes in your group with long term CC's then use it on them, but otherwise completely ignore them. Focus on the boss with everything you've got.

You'll most likely end up still using a high quality med pack to stay alive, but if everything works out you should defeat him before your to vulnerable.

NOTE: Make sure the tank points in the opposite direction of the group as to protect everyone from his cone attacks.

Interrupt his attacks as often as you can.

Hope this helps everyone out! Happy hunting
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