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12.29.2011 , 04:37 PM | #12
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how many lockouts could you possibly have lost at launch + 9 days?
we lost over a full week we cleared it last week and as of today i still have 5 days on my loick out (if it doesnt reset again) and still no replies to our tickets, no reply on the lost boss loot from unlootable boss chests and no reply on not being able to res or return to the corpse after killing the last boss in eternity vault.

And i dont know what all these fanboys are getting all bent out of shape about, i said i understand and expect a new game to be buggy, but i also expect really good customer support for my money. I still love the game and im still playing it and have no intentions of leaving,

But seeing the customer service go the way of verrant/soe from back in the eq days has shaken my faith in bioware, i just dont think you can run a AAA game like that anymore.