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12.29.2011 , 03:55 PM | #1
So I was just reminiscing about good ol' Star Wars: Battlefront 2, thinking of how it is a shame that Battlefront 3 got canned and won't see the light of day likely for some time to come. And then it occurred to me...

What if we got a Battlefront style Warzone for PvP?

I think it could easily be done. Would feature a "King of the Hill" style match with a reserve stock. Objective would be to push back the enemy into their base and drain their reserve pool. Upon death you could have the option to spawn at points that you control.

The big question to bring the feel of the Battlefront games though would be "should there be AI controlled players that draw from the reserves?" This could make it more of a World PvP area instead of a Warzone. Though WoW's Alterac Valley featured NPC characters and seemed to work well (until late game when the NPC characters were more like flies than obstacles).

If space combat is ever revamped to include PvP (distant future, I know), a Battlefront space mission map could work too.

Just a thought, I would be thrilled to see a Battlefront inspired PvP area.