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Well forget the technology thing.The Cities of every planet are the same as they are 3000 years later. Take Coruscant for example. The Senate building is like 3000 + years old? The position of the jedi temple is the same as in the movies... I personally think Bioware could have put some more work on the ''3000 years ago'' feeling.

And yes I would be delighted to go to planets before they were settled or actually help with the historical event of that settlement in a quest group much like on Taris (alas a planet unknown in the movies to make comparisons.
Atleast I cant complain about Tatooine. It is as much tatooinish as it would be 10000 years ago. Its a desert after all.
Unfortunately, these are all things that were decided before BioWare even came into it. The location of the Senate Building has probably been the same for over 10,000 years. The location of the Jedi Temple is an easy one to explain.

In 5,000 BBY, the Jedi and the Sith Empire clashed in the Great Hyperspace War. Many worlds were forever scarred in that battle, but the Jedi were able to repulse the invaders. After that, the Republic granted the Jedi land over a Force nexus: a sacred mountain on Coruscant.
As for Tattooine, Tattooine is a desert because it was bombed into nothing but sand by the Infinite Empire.

As for cities remaining the same over three thousand years. Well, Courscant was an entire city-planet before KOTOR even began. There isn't going to be exactly alot of changes once the entire planet is now a city. Aside from that, they've had thousands of years to prefect their architecture before KOTOR even happened. It is far more likely to believe they simply reuse templates which are effective at their purpose much as society does today.

Keep in mind the Republic has existed for over 20,000 years prior to KOTOR.
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