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12.29.2011 , 03:19 PM | #9
I do hate the whine threads a lot as well.

Sure, everyone gets pissed off when they get ripped apart by someone with no way of explaining how that happened. BUT! If you try that class yourself, you might understand what he did and how you could've countered it. I do think they have done an exceptional job of balancing this game as it was released, there are mmo's out there that aren't even close to the level of balance within SWTOR for months or even years(see: Age Of Conan).

Is it perfect though? No, of course not. And it never will be. The easiest solution when you get owned is simply going on forums to vent your rage and anger, and providing useless information that benefits no-one in the process. Does this behavior help the devs refine the game and balance it? Not at all.

If you really have concerns, please try to discuss them in a rational manner, instead of yelling "NERF THIS NERF THAT BUFF MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!". By providing reliable information and solid arguements, you can help the devs understand the issue and make their own analysis easier.

Example: Earlier today I saw a level 50 bounty hunter in Huttball doing over 450k damage with nothing but Tracer Missile, every time I saw him he was spamming Tracer Missile, nothing else. But does that mean that it's too good? Kinda doubt it! He was level 50, while the rest of us were mostly below 30. Will he be completely useless once the majority reaches level 50? God I hope so