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could also be it is still early in the game. I would imagine not TOO terribly many people are even that high level yet. I mean I, for one, have been playing since the second day of early access. I don't get to play 5 hours a day, I am lucky if I get 2 a day. I am only level 23 or 24 lol. I level slow. Soon when more and more people get hgiher it will be easier to find groups. Hell if you wait for me I will get there and run it with you.
Agreed...and I think a lot of people who are that level are in a guild where they run it. I know I just run around and quest until there is interest within my guild.

Also questing is pretty interesting so I don't really see any reason to wait any time at all to get into a PUG when I can be doing something else.

Also on my server when I am on the fleet I usually see general chat messages for people looking for various flashpoints. Not sure if it is just your server or time of day or what.