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Please, I'm begging this community. Stop calling for nerfs every time someone kills you, you can't defeat someone or you see something amazing you cant explain. The Wow community was the whiniest community I have ever seen and it ruined the game. When the vocal minority of the community puts overwhelming pressure on the devs and they cave in and nerf one class it sets a precedent for all other classes to be nerfed anytime they aquire an ability that gives them a real or perceived advantage.

The nerf merry-go-round begins and no class, spec, or build is safe. You will invest hours, days and weeks of your life leveling a character only to have the very reasons you were interested in the class in the first place be ripped away.

Those most vocal about calling for nerfs will eventually be the target of other calls for nerfs when the merry-go-round gets to you. When the spirit of a class(es) is regularly ripped away the constant flavor of the month re-rolling begins and no one wins. The game simply becomes an alt fest and resentment of the devs begins and community trust erodes.

Again, said advantages are often only perceptions. However, even when real advantages are present it is usually greatly exaggerated. Ive pvp'd in every possible way in both Everquest and Wow and I have seen flavor of the month toons come and go. Ive killed them all and been killed by them all. If you have a hard time with a class, practice new strategies and try to improve. Maybe (shock) play as a team to take out a skilled player.

Please, please stop calling for nerfs. Instead of L2P, how about learn to adapt? Take on the challenge instead of taking the easy way out. The nerf merry-go-round causes everyone to lose.

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