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10.04.2016 , 01:56 PM | #542
The Manipulator pack is on the Cartel Market, along with two new pets. I bought one pack and had luck; it contained the Grophet pet. I'll get the other one from the GTN on Thursday.Also, you can preview the following pet in Collections; I'm assuming it will arrive in an upcoming pack:
  • C3-KR Probe Droid

Only three more days, then we will find out when the Shade Stalker Runt from the DvL event will be sent out.

Finally, gratz Alrik on the flagship model! Haven't run Kaon during the last Rakghoul event so not sure if it was bugged; I do remember seeing him a few weeks ago and I believe he dropped the pet then.

Total number of pets now at 277
Possessable pets: now at 255
Not possessable pets: 22
List of pets from Cartel Coin cards:
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