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I kept dying at 1% on this fight over and over.

The fight is 100% about using your cooldowns in the right order and having the best companion out for your playstyle.

I believe I tried this mission at level 42 and failed at 1% many, many times and had to come back when I hit 43. I'm a Sith Juggernaut Immortal so I had lots of defensive cooldowns & interrupts.

This was by far the hardest fight until the final encounter with Lord Draagh which I defeated through a lot of kiting and the use of an undergeared Malavai Quinn at level 47. (A tactic I also used for one of the phases of the Darth Baras fight.)

But on to some useful information:

Your companion will more than likely die on this encounter if you do not toggle passive on to move the companion out of the AoE effects.

You need to prioritize your interrupts - Interrupt the abilities that are really affecting you the most, maybe let some of the other ones go. And remember that stuns, cc, interrupts, pushbacks & pulls will all act as interrupts. I can't remember if this mob is immune to CC or not, but as a Sith Juggernaut at max level, the Intimidating Roar (AoE fear) we get is quite amazing as an interrupt (especially as an AoE interrupt). I'm sure other classes get similar abilities they can use as pseudo-interrupts.

I did this fight with a melee companion - probably the worst choice, but it was the only one I had geared. You may find that a healer companion with smart use of toggling passive on & off may be the best bet for this fight.
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