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I figured maybe I was just being too impatient when I refused to sit at the Fleet for an hour spamming for a FP. I am 41 and I have done BT, Hammer Station and Athiss. Past that, not a single run of anything.

So my question is, are FPs really as boring and bad as they seem to be? FPs and heroics are too hard to get groups for in this game and im getting annoyed by that. I am also on a high pop server, when the others popular servers have a wait, mine does too.

I want to play group content, but i dont want to be punished for deciding to spend hours looking for groups for multiple FPs when I could have been xping on planets.

Just to prove how bad it is, I have had the same person whisper me on 3 compeletely seperate occasions, with no word from me beforehand, offering 10k to do a heroic. WHY? You need like 240k for lvl 40 speeder and training you silly person!
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