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which two complete different things. what kind of argument is that supposed to be anyway? "I can't find a group NOW, because in SIX MONTHS people won't find a group". 0_o

and there a lot of misconception going on here: you don't NEED heroic quests. with flashpoints, space and overlapping zones there is more than enough content to not outlevel it. I'm not even sure you need flashpoints.

no one forces anyone to group. "omg I miss content" - unless you roll 8 different chars, do raids on nightmare and submit to the pvp-grind, you miss content anyway.
No you dont NEED Heroic quest, but they do offer additional story AND rewards that are better then solo quest. Flashpoint are what they are, a chance to get a shot at a piece of gear and the learning experience of running said flashpoint (and to do hood rat things with your friends )
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