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Gosh, could it be because at launch they have the biggest ticket queue they're likely to deal with before the first xpac?

the level of self involvement of mmo players is a little stunning sometimes.

personally, i'd rather they were spending the time fixing bugs, rather than holding your hand and giving you the personal reassurance that you seem to need.
Are you serious? This has to be a troll, because I'm reporting you as such.

These people are losing ENTIRE LOCKOUTS, not to mention loot they earned on the current one. That's at least a week if not more worth of gear. They are absolutely entitled to the loot they earned, and not some canned CS response.

Telling one of the most prolific raiding guilds in WoW that they are "basically screwed" when it comes to the loot they earned is not how you build good relationships with your player base. If they continue to treat the top players like this, they're sunk before they even get off the ground.
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