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Disclaimer: This coming from someone who quit WoW while working on Phase 4 Heroic Ragnaros, so "overtuned" is not a word I throw around lightly. That said, as a leveling and pre-endgame instance (as the mobs are level 48) this boss is rather out of place in comparison to the difficulty of every boss battle before it.

My group comp was 50 Juggernaut (Immortal spec, tank), 48 Juggernaut (Vengeance DPS, respecced for this fight), 48 Assassin (Deception spec) and 47 Sorceror (Corruption spec, healer). All of us were in at least Voss-level commendation and quest gear, with the tank in several hardmode and prototype level pieces. That said, we simply could not keep up with the amount of damage being thrown around. A few notes:

1. Bulwark Burst caused several wipes on the first pulls simply due to not understanding how it works. For those who don't know, it's a channeled ability which cannot be interrupted, that will one-shot anyone not standing to the left or right of the boss. There is no indicator that it hits everyone in the middle of the hallway, or that you have to stand to his left or right to avoid it. No target reticule, no graphic, you just die. If it weren't for Torhead, we probably wouldn't have figured out how to avoid it. I'm fine with the fact that it's an instagib, but there should be some sort of indicator as to where it will hit you. I can't see a leveling pug ever figuring out why they died without any prior knowledge of the fight.
2. Bulwark Smash, which is his tank stun and deaggro ability, has a similar icon and the same channel time as Bulwark Burst. It is interruptible, but must be interrupted by DPS. The problem is that unless DPS are paying close attention to the exact ability NAME, they will either think it's the uninterruptible Blast and not interrupt it, or mistake the Burst for the Smash and have their interrupt on cooldown for this one. It would probably be prudent to give it a different color icon at least.
3. The boss seems to randomly throw out massive amounts of damage to the party. This doesn't seem to be tied to his targeted AOE missiles (which are easily avoidable) and only happens to melee. If this is a Cleave-type mechanic then his hitbox needs to be larger so that melee do not eat the damage, because it is entirely unsustainable in terms of healing. If the damage is intended, then it needs to be reduced for normal mode. We could not figure out a way to avoid it other than range.

His other mechanics (the shield and helper bots) are fine, but please tune this guy's damage output for normal mode a little better, or make his hitbox bigger so melee aren't a complete liability. I'd like to note while we could not kill the boss we did get him below 10% several times, so our strategy was not the problem here.
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