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Fess wears HEAVY ARMOR. Good luck finding heavy armor with strength. I can't find much on my server. Heavy armor is gonna have aim on it mostly. putting medium armor on your tank is silly. tough it out, get the heavy stuff with aim and enjoy

If you find heavy+aim gear use it. If you find heavy+str gear, use it. They stat out the same.

No No No NO No No No!!

For the hundredth time. STR only increases melee. AIM increases melee and tech.
In other words, all of Qyzens abilities rely on his AIM stat.

People stack STR on Qyzen and start whining that he is unable to keep aggro and mobs keep attacking them, because his taunts and shields and such all rely on AIM.

Also, there is plenty of Heavy armour with STR, as that's what JKs wear.