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Once again i post this

Just ask yourself this "Would you want to play a STARWARS game that doesn't resemble STARWARS, be a jedi before the lightsaber was invented, go to planets before they were settled?"

when it comes down to it, you want a universe that evolves as rapidly as real life does you create a COMPLETELY different universe all together and it loses what makes it starwars
Well forget the technology thing.The Cities of every planet are the same as they are 3000 years later. Take Coruscant for example. The Senate building is like 3000 + years old? The position of the jedi temple is the same as in the movies... I personally think Bioware could have put some more work on the ''3000 years ago'' feeling.

And yes I would be delighted to go to planets before they were settled or actually help with the historical event of that settlement in a quest group much like on Taris (alas a planet unknown in the movies to make comparisons.
Atleast I cant complain about Tatooine. It is as much tatooinish as it would be 10000 years ago. Its a desert after all.