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Do you have a screenshot of these and do you remember exactly how you got them? I'm desperately looking for something non-hooded so that I can play my guardian again, and I'll even go medium if I have to.
I am wearing a piece called the Aspiring Knight's Vest. You can check it on Torhead. I don't have a screen shot, but it looks like the gear you are in on Tython if you do all of the missions, at the time you make your saber. It's grey and tan with a hood (in the down position, lol) and some arcane sort of patterns in the tan part. There are straps with buckles around the arms. It's not the best, but it looks Jedi-ish and you can see your character's face.

The armor hit you take as long as everything else on your guy is Heavy is minimal, especially if you are DPS.

I got it on the Galactic Trade Network on Carrick Station. It's Orange, level 11 required. There's usually a few of them, as it's a common early drop for Sentinels. Happy to help a fellow sufferer of Hood Depression Sydrome.
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