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I spent under $1500 for the PC I built for TOR and it runs circles around the game at max settings:

AMD T1100 Hexa Core CPU
16 Gigs Ram
RAID 0 SSD's (2 Crucial 64gigs each) game runs on this
RAID 0 WD250's - OS and storage
1 Radeon 6850 (crossfire coming!)
Windoes 7 64 bit
1000wat PSU

I run the game at max settings and get amazing frame rates while watching Netflix on another monitor. You do not need to spend allot of money to get great performance. The RAID 0 SSD's are such a boost I will always do that from here out. I can only imagine the performance when i add the second GPU and enable Crossfire.
I found on Taris that when it started to get slow even with 6gb ram it was because it was using so much memory. It was having to grab from the hard drive. I could see the hard drive light going nuts exactly when my frames would drop. Just got two Corsair Force GT's and cannot wait to set them up. I know for sure that when it needs to hit the hard drive up for info it will effect performance WAY less than now with striped mechanical drives I have now