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Trying to figure out how this works as well. My dilemma which I posted in the newbie forums as well. I have the following boots. Can anyone explain why the orange boots which have a rating of 80 only has 125 armor vs the lvl 66 which has a armor rating of 253?

req lvl 31
Death Bringer Boots (Orange)
125 armor rating 80
36 str
35 end
+5 critical

lvl 29
Rigig Flex Boots [Exceptional] (Green)
253 Armor Rating 66
45 str
27 end
15 citical

I just looked those up, why are you comparing Light armor to Heavy armor? As people have said above the armor rating means different amounts of armor to light, medium, and heavy. Assuming you're a juggernaut from the fact you're looking at heavy strength based armor you should never be wearing light, or medium for that matter.

armor rating is not a definitive number for each piece of gear it's in, it will change based on what type of item you put it in (chest, legs, feet) and what the weight of the armor is (light, medium, heavy).

In short don't expect to put the same armoring mod in a pair of light boots and a heavy chest and expect them to even be close

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