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Hi everyone, we understand your frustrations with this issue and, as I mentioned before, this is a high priority issue for our dev team and fix will be coming soon. Our hope is for this to be resolved for next week's maintenance, but we can't give a definitive time. Thank you for your patience in this.

In the meantime, the current workaround is a preventative measure: In order to prevent this issue, players must look at every conversation option with Darth Tomen and always pick the one that shows they will get light side points in order to ensure mission progress.
The Known Issues thread has been updated in the Customer Service forums.
You know its great and all the Dev's know about the problem. But incompetence is not excusable. There should be a work around to allow us that have finished to go to Illum and do dailies. Give us something in return. This is beyond comprehension how such a big bug made it through to launch. I have to spend the remainder of my free month waiting to be able to play.....

You know the workaround would be great if people would have actually know about it before completing the quest. Maybe send a mass email to all BH's, wait that would take to much effort.

You know if you fix the issue before the maintenance there is a such thing as an emergency patch, and considering how game breaking this is... you get the point. I didn't bring this character to 50 just to have to wait a week to be able to play it again....
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