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This is a story based MMO right? and yet only the first FP for both sides has any real story to it.

My friend did put a good counter point to this though... "thinking of the longevity of the game, would you want to listen to the same dialog day in day out when you're grinding hard mode FPs?"

It's a fair point... I dunno if I would like to partake in the ensuing rage quits from PUGs because such-and-such chose light/dark (even though it doesn't matter), and hearing the droid instruct you on your next task in black talon got tedious after boosting my guildies for the 3rd time.
So far Im was in every flashpoint with a mixed group of light and dark side players (most of the time exactly two light and two dark), and it was always fun to watch who wins the roll and what is going to happen next (was in the Esseles far more entertaining than in the others, because of the story). Sure, the story develops different if another player makes a choice that you wouldn't take, but you still get your light side or dark side points for your own decision... and you can always do the flashpoint again to get another story result.

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And these 'original' flashpoints are which ones Republic Side? Just want to know so I know which ones ot make sure I do and which ones I can skip if my guildies don;t want to do them
I also would like to know.
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