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I just wanted to explain to people (like Grabes, the above poster) who think this is all a tiny thing that people are freaking out about why this matters so much to me (and I think to a lot of other Knight players.)

1. It is the many Jedi Knight videos featuring hood down Guardians that made me want to play the game in the first place. Bioware sent us a clear message, and if you look at the links on the first post, it is indisputable: Play a Jedi Knight, look like this. The look they presented is impossible to achieve in the game. So the thing we bought the game for turned out to be a lie. It is beyond frustrating to look at a character model in the creator that you will never have.

2. Fairness. Every other class can see their character's hair and face with the touch of a button in preferences. We cannot.

3. MMO's are about attatchments to your character. Our character choices in the Creation screen are rendered pointless by a hood over our face and the "insta-bald" effect of the hoods. They really should just "Gray Out" all the haristyle choices except "bald" because that's effectively the only choice. For male characters this is bad, but for females it's REALLY bad. All Female Jedis are Master Sinead now. The look of your character is even more important in a game that's thirty percent close up cutscenes.

4. We wanted to play a Jedi. No Jedi in Star Wars fights with his hood up ever. At least not in the movies or TV shows. If we wanted that we'd be playing Assassin's Creed right now.

5. The various workarounds: wear Trooper armor, wear the Cyclops visor, wear the one or two Sentinel moddables that don't have a hood, all do something fundamental to the enjoyment of an MMO: you have to permanently fix part of your appearance. You do not get to share in the fun of getting new looks as your character progresses. You are stuck with one aspect of your appearance because changing it would mean you have to be bald and hooded again, so the fun of looking forward to new gear is not there for us. And that's one of the big parts of the fun of MMO gaming.

Also, the workarounds ruin something else. You don't look like a Jedi now, which is why you picked Jedi Knight in the first place.

I know there are people who feel that compared to being underpowered or having an overly complicated skill set or any of the major bugs in the game, this is a backburner issue at most, and that there are people who like the hoods and don't know why we don't. That's fine. But I wanted to explain why for us, and there are a lot of us, this issue is major, and every bit as game breaking. Go back and read this and the Hood Toggle thread:

People are parking their Jedis. People are depressed about playing. People aren't enjoying the game. That's big. That's bad. And that's something the Devs can fix extremely quickly and easily, by putting armors they've already fully developed into the game. The armors they highlighted and hyped and made video after exciting video of for three years. The armors that made all of us want to play the vision of a Jedi we felt they had done perfectly. The armors that made us buy this game in the first place. I hope they understand this and do what is right.
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