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12.29.2011 , 10:15 AM | #7
Yeah, Black Talon and in fact I would say Esselles more, showed a heck of a lot of promise.

This is a story based MMO right? and yet only the first FP for both sides has any real story to it.

My friend did put a good counter point to this though... "thinking of the longevity of the game, would you want to listen to the same dialog day in day out when you're grinding hard mode FPs?"

It's a fair point... I dunno if I would like to partake in the ensuing rage quits from PUGs because such-and-such chose light/dark (even though it doesn't matter), and hearing the droid instruct you on your next task in black talon got tedious after boosting my guildies for the 3rd time.

A story should progress... it shouldn't be experienced over and over like groundhog day....

However, I can't help shake the sense of awesomeness I got the first time I did those FPs. Story did add to them on the first playthrough and it did make other FPs seem really empty in comparison.