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Warning: The following section contains linked content containing spoilers. If you do not wish to have content spoiled for you do not follow the links provided.

The Esseles: Early Game - Republic
"When a Republic transport secretly carrying a high-profile passenger is attacked by Imperials, your team must defend the ship and eventually must decide the passengerís fate."
Guide 1

The Black Talon: Early Game - Empire
"The captain of an Imperial transport refuses official orders to intercept a Republic transport, and your team must seize control of the transport and carry out the mission. Will you kill or spare the captain?"
Guide 1a
Guide 1b
Guide 2

Athiss: Early Game - Empire
Guide 1

Hammer Station: Mid Game - Both
"The expansionist Advozsec have recovered the Hammer Station, a powerful weapon developed by the Republic but lost during the Great War. Your team must stop the Advozsec before they can activate the Hammer Station and become a threat to both Republic and Empire alike."
Guide 1

Taral V: Mid Game - Republic
"Imperials are holding a Jedi prisoner who is critical to the Republic war effort. Your team must travel deep into enemy territory to recover the key to liberating this Republic hero."

Boarding Party: Mid Game - Empire
"When a high-level Republic prisoner escapes from an Imperial prison, your team must track down the target and prevent an audacious attack to destroy the Sith Empire."
Guide 1

The Streets of Cademimu: Mid Game - Empire
Guide 1

Mandalorian Raiders: Mid Game - Empire
Guide 1

Directive 7: End Game - Both
"Mutinous droids on a remote moon develop a technology that could lead to massive destruction for both the Republic and the Empire. Your team must shut down the rebellion before itís too late."
Guide 1a
Guide 1b


Warning: The following section contains linked content containing spoilers. If you do not wish to have content spoiled for you do not follow the links provided.

Eternity Vault: End Game - Both
Guide 1a
Guide 1b
Guide 1c
Guide 1d

Hutt Hospitality: End Game - Both
Guide 1



Can I tank with any build?
Yes, and no.

You CAN tank with most builds but the builds with a predisposition to tanking will obviously be those builds which contain heavy amounts of skill points invested in their respective tanking trees. It's been made abundantly clear by BioWare that "hybrids" aren't intended to be optimal.

The primary difference between the three archetypes is essentially, "Can I garbage tank?" What that means is can I tank without ANY points invested in the tanking tree? The answer is two archetypes can: SW/JK and BH/TRP. Allow me to clarify. Say you and your two buddies are waiting for a tank. You are a JK they are both SMG's. Instead of hanging around waiting for a tank you can switch to tank stance and still function as a tank without any points invested in your respective tank tree.

Will you do well? You'll do ok. Could you tank a raid? Proooobably not. I mean...maybe? LOL you could try! It wouldn't be pretty but you could give it a try. The third archetype, SI/JC, doesn't have this luxury. A consular wouldn't be able to "switch to tank stance" and just wing it. That isn't going to happen. Not at this point in time. There are too many absolutely vital abilities that tanks NEED in order to function that SI/JC's just aren't afforded by default but instead have to invest in their tank tree in order to acquire.

To put it simply: SW/JK's and BH/TRP's are tanks with DPS trees. SI/JC's are DPS'ers with tank trees. ALL of them can tank equally well provided they are all equally invested in their respective tank trees. But with zero investment in tanking trees SW/JK's and BH/TRP's will actually be able to function (albeit not so well) as tanks whereas SI/JC's could not.

Why am I mentioning this? Because until dual spec'ing is allowed this might be a deciding factor for the reader. Once dual spec'ing is implemented this point becomes moot as most people will have a Tank spec and a DPS spec. Until then... food for thought.

What is the difference in resource managment between the three Tanking archetypes?
"Rage/focus has the advantage of being very much on demand with good sustainability. You always have what you need when you need it for the entire fight (because you make it as you need it, or as you will need it, at the cost of being heavily back loaded or having a slower start.

Heat/ammo is front loaded and has good sustainability with having fairly reliable relatively 'fast' regen at the cost of having little room for spike loads in demand. This is because heat works on a tiered regeneration system where your regen is better when you have less heat to dissipate (or more ammo in the cartridge for Troopers). You could use your resources at a fairly reliable rate but you always have a very hard ceiling, where by if you fell behind on your regen you were reliant on a CD to get back into the comfort zone.

Force has the best front load but at the cost of being inherently more finite of a resource due to it's relatively slower regeneration. Once it is gone you would get stuck into a low maintenance routine to sustain yourself. However, you have a nice big cushion generated by a big front load so it's not as bad as it sounds."
~ Fraserl

Is there an Anti-Crit/Crit Immunity stat like Toughness in Rift?
There's no actual stat dedicated to reducing crit chance in TOR. There is only one way for you to actively lower the odds of being crit: increasing your Avoidance rating. For a more detailed explanation see Crit Immunity Theory

Is Tanking hard?
I ran across this post by Dobbel a few years ago and it's always stuck with me. Albeit I would change the thought process around.

DPS is fun, Healing is a responsibility and Tanking is work.

The reasoning behind my opinion is that no other role has to learn how to "fight" against his own group. That is to say, Tanking can either be easy or it can be hard and your group decides which one it's going to be. More often than not it's DPS who decides this. Pulling aggro from the Tank because they're not focusing the correct target, not paying attention to where they're standing and pulling adds are some of the more common blunders you will see. And when these happen, who's job is it to keep the group from wiping? That's right.

It's your job.

You're the one who has to correct that guys mistake or your whole team is going to have to start over. Of course this has a trickle down effect on your Healer as well. Now he has to stress over the Tank taking more damage then he would have normally. Do I heal that fool that pulled aggro? Hell no. He dies. I don't have the time to be splitting my attention between keeping him alive and keeping the Tank up. If I can rez him later, I will.

The Tanks "work" is most especially profound when in PUGs. Because you never know what you're gonna get with a PUG. It can either be really easy or it can be infuriatingly hard. Most experienced healers, you'll spot them, they'll be following you almost exclusively and staying in the back. They don't talk much. They're focusing on those health bars and getting ready to start rotations. The DPS though... zomg the DPS... they're jumping all over the place, dancing like it's a disco, jumping the gun on your opening rotation hoping to squeeze some more deeps out of their damage meters.

It... never... ends.

So, yes. Tanking is work, or it can be, if your group makes it that way. And always remember to thank your healers. Healing is a thankless job. Mostly because if you're a good healer your efforts aren't noticed by DPS. Tanks know better. Tanks have to pay attention to their health bars in order to get a sense if the Healer is going to lapse. This way the Tank knows if he has to pop a CD in order to compensate for this lapse. It's understandable if DPS doesn't say, "Good job" to the healer. But you, the Tank, you know better.


I hold no claim to fame other than being able to solve a Rubix Cube in under a minute. Which isn't even good compared to others out there. = ) I'm not a genius. Hell, I'm not even good at math.

I am however a man of principle. I encourage the free expression and transfer of information and ideas. As such any and all information within this work belongs to no "one man". It is the collective work of many people. Most of it is mine. Some of it is not. What work is mine could not have been accomplished without the way being paved by brighter minds than my own.

As such this work is the property of the community as a whole. I neither require nor expect credit or citation for any information found within. Do with it what you will. I ask only that you do it with grace. Information is the right of all mankind. Do not lord it over those who do not have it.

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