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12.13.2011 , 05:49 PM | #1

Be happy....

Be happy that there are not that many in red. This launch can go ALOT worse. Right now Is Peak time in EST and CST. PST will throw another hit in about 45 minutes.

I know many of you are upset because you werent first but get over it and for gods sake quit threatening to quit.

Bioware has two options...

1) Open the flood gates and let EVERYONE "TRY" to gfet in and then they will have to deal with the following type of posts:
-- ZOMG The servers are crashing.... This game sucks
-- ZOMG 4 hour queues.... This game sucks
-- ZOMG I cannot login.... This game sucks


2) Staggered deployment... Address issues as they come to make sure YOUR FIRST TIME in SWTOR is enjoyable.

They are doing a good job with a deployment this freaking big.

So hats off to Bioware. Communication and Details could have been a little better but so far so good. Just continue to address all issues that arise with utmost urgency.