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12.29.2011 , 09:51 AM | #72
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Every single BH has hit this bug in my guild so far, and there's quite a few people piling up over here:

Can we get some acknowledgement and response to this? All our tickets just get automatically deleted and it's the most infuriating thing in the world. We have no access to Illum, D7, ETC due to this.

Long story short, after talking to Darth Tormen, he does not send you on to Vaiken Spacedock to continue on to Illum. Dark side or light side option with the emp does not seem to make a difference. We don't have access to dailies or D7, and can not finish the act.
Does this prevent you from reaching level 50? Does this prevent you from PVPing? Does this prevent you from raiding? Does this prevent you from doing heroics? Does this prevent you from playing an alt?

Does it affect powertechs and mercenaries the same?

From an alternate point of view - if you're reached Act 3 you've probably put in 7+ days of play time. You should take a break from the game while they fix it.