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12.29.2011 , 09:23 AM | #30
Personally not a fan of Enrage timers.

I do like when a boss will heal themselves after a while meaning that if you say roll into a flashpoint with 1 tank 1 dps and 2 straight healers your just wasting your time.

Enrage timers are a crutch used when you can't obtain an ending naturally. I'm actually a proponent of the opposite and have a boss hit like a truck towards the beginning because that makes sense. As the fight goes on we're all worn down.

Maybe have the boss joined by adds. How about having the environment itself be a factor in the fight. Instead of the boss suddenly becoming super, which really makes no sense, have the platform your on start to degrade from the figthing.

Regardless, the first max level Flashpoint should be doable in Max Lvl - 2 gear. The next one should require lvl 50 Gear plus a few Flashpoint pieces.