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[QUOTE=Daederik;892021][QUOTE=Venan;888713]Midichlorians are like crayfish; they are indicators. They show that a particular individual has high Force sensitivity. Oh they grow in every person, but they need high levels of Force sensitivity to really propagate and reach high numbers. So what; Anakin had a level of over 20,000? An average Jedi would probably have something like 5-10 thousand, while a non-Force sensitive would have more like a few hundred or, at most 1,000.

This provides a logical way of determine who was Force sensitive (thus explaining how the Order found new Jedi hopefuls) while still keeping the mysticism of the Force alive. What is it? Well we still don't know, but at least we can kinda measure it indirectly.


This is a good way to look at it. I think a lot of people (Such as myself) took it as "Midis ARE the force."

Your logic makes sense good sir
Qui-Gon Jinn explained it in episode 1.Midichlorians allow you to communicate with the force.They aren't the force rather they allow you to communicate with and use the force.