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That does not matter. The tool provides it and that is the problem. It makes OPS easier than they are designed to be, because you have information in real time that otherwise would not be available to you.
It is an unallowed 3rd party program and falls into the cheating sector of the TOS.
Hey there, just to clarify: StarParse is definitely NOT in any TOS violation as it does not interact with the game and does process only data provided by the game for the sole purpose of parsing. I personaly checked its compliance with a Bioware rep, you can do it too if my humble word is not enough :-)

Anyways, regarding the "makes stuff easier" bit - yes, I also believe StarParse does make certain aspects of the combat easier (great example is Revan HM 3rd floor pull/push timers). However, I would argue that those are not the deciding factors whether a raid team or individual would beat the encounter or not. In other words, StarParse is more of a "convenience" (or QoL if you will) for those who has or would overcome the challenge anyway, somewhat streamlining the play for them,rather than something enabling less-skilled raiders to kill a boss.

Also as already pointed out, the difficulty of WOW does not come from "hidden" mechanics (requiring you to use your own stopwatch), but rather from perfect execution and coordination requirements based on something clearly presented to you (literally showing you where to stand and when to move), allowing the raids to be much more complex and one tier (if not several) above anything SWTOR can offer in terms of dificulty.

Last but not least, I believe noone would argue being able to analyze your own output (DPS, HPS, ...) leads to a better gaming performance (and experience).

StarParse does fully comply with SWTOR TOS
Timers etc are more of a QoL/convenience, not a deciding factor of a succesfull raid
Visible mechanics does not imply trivialized content, quite on the contrary - they allow for more interesting fights
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