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The Academy
by Swtorista

A series focused on the basics of Star Wars: The Old Republic.
Welcome to the Academy! The Academy started as an audio segment on OotiniCast, to provide information and advice for players new to Star Wars: The Old Republic, along with some handy tips for the veterans. Swtorista then creates glorious videos, providing additional information and background, and highlighting some of SWTOR's wonderful scenery. - Teo, Ootinicast Host

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New episodes are released weekly, and if you want to hear the segments early tune in to the latest Ootinicast episode. You can subscribe on Youtube, follow me on Twitter, or watch the /r/swtor subreddit to find out when new episodes are released.

Very well done. Even as a veteran player I love watching them. I wish I had these videos 4 years ago. Would have saved me so much time and credits. - EZesquire

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Eric took a moment to thank the community podcasts, blogs, and videos. You were mentioned specifically! Well deserved! Your contributions to the community of new players in particular is noteworthy. - @UnholyAlliances



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