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I disagree with the OP.

I am Level 37 Imortal Juggernaut that has just started the Taris Bonus quest Series.

One of my favorite things about leveling in this game have been the Mini-dungeons (Heroic Quests.) They remind of actual dungeons in other games.

Maybe I am on a super-high pop server (I do believe I am), but as I am doing my quests I watch the chat frame for the LFG/LFM for the heroics, or I just spam "Tank LF Heroics."
(If you are in the chat bar and hit the "UP" arrow, it retypes your last statement, easy for sending this message out as I am questing.

The rewards are good, the feeling of a mini-instance is nice. The only thing I wish is that the color of the quest triangle was different or was a square or something, so when I am in an area overnight, I don't think it is a new quest.


Heroic Quests are snazzy, easy to get groups for, and fun. You, sir, aren't actively trying to get groups, you want one instantly, instead of actively looking for a group as your quest.
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