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bigger issue is that in origin worlds is a miss balance of heroic areas...

Korriban: 2 heroics
Tython: 1 heroic(maybe 2? i forget)
Ord Mantell: 3 heroics but all in same spot so really 1 heoric area
Hutta: 3-5 heroic areas...

worse part is devs baically demand you to do these areas, if you don't do them come up short of lvl 10 at end of the zone... which is infuriating for a new player after everyone has lvl 50 and aren't many people doing starter areas.

I don't mind heroics but the devs always need to assume that players aren't doing them when comes to exp curve otherwise players hit walls and cant get past them as far as exp goes. Now once your on next planet your fine, and heroics become mostly optional.

To OP's questions though... Heroics are a great idea i don't think need redesigned i do however think that should buff up companions to fill in for gaps in a party. Right now a dps companion works fairly well, and is a great addition but, real issue comes with healing and tanking companions... epsecially tanking ones becuase while can hold threat super well... have NO tanking buff! means take stupid damage later on...that said i managed to tank all 4 man areas up til alerraan when enemies were hitting to hard for a HEAL spec'd SI to heal through the damage being delt.

If just buff companions up a little so could fill in as a tank/healer i think problem would be alleviated...because while requires alot more micro managting to use companion to do this stuff it was fairly fun to do.
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