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12.29.2011 , 08:42 AM | #24
These quests are entirely optional. Either its worth it for you to take the time to do them, or it's not.

As many other people have said, it's just a matter of zone population right now. In Coruscant where there are 200+ people doing all the quests right now, groups form for the 4+ quests left and right. Then you jump to Taris/Nar Shadda and there's 40 people there; it takes some time but it's doable. But then you get to Tattooine and beyond and you see 18 people in the whole zone. Not so easy to find 4 of those people all on the same quests and with the time to do them, and of the right role to make a proper group.

Bioware isn't doing anything to "stifle" the community. All they could do is add a real LFG window where you could flag yourself properly and search for people easier. Which I would hope would be coming sooner or later. But for the zone dailies that wouldn't help populate the server with more people your level with the proper role to suit your needs.