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This comment is pretty useless without you specifying what planet you're on. Starting from Alderaan just grabbing 4 random people wasn't exactly enough to be able to do heroic 4 quests. You really needed a tank, a healer and 2 dps which is and was a real pain to find, as dps I generally don't even bother making groups, if I see one I'll jump in, if I don't I move on to the next planet.
You are higher level than probably 80% of the playerbase, and that is why. I am rolling each toon and getting them all to at least 15-20, and that is what most people are doing, because the game is about the story right now, because the concept is new and exciting. Give it a couple months and there will be plenty of people in the 30-50 range, but right now most are under 25 because they are switching between 4+ characters.