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The biggest problem I've had with the heroic 4 quests is getting a new player in, if someone disconnected and didn't come back. Let me give you an example from last night:

We were doing the first Heroic 4 quest on Taris yesterday around midnight GMT, me and my quest-buddy had been in the zone for a couple of hours and had been placed on Taris 2 when we zoned in. We took with us one guildee and one random healer into the quest-zone, and it went well, right until our healer disconnected in the middle of the quest-update-dialogue. She was gone for almost ten minutes, during which we decided to kick and replace (because well, if people don't come back within that amount of time, they're usually not coming back) but we were wrong, and she did 4 minutes after her kick, log back on and whispered us upon where we -tried- to re-invite her, but we had conflicting group phases apparently (even though she disconnected inside of our group phase, it wasn't where she appeared when she got back in) which we solved with that little button-thing the game has for it.
.. The second problem is that now, she couldn't get to Taris 2 because it was depopulating, and we were stood in the middle of this thing not having so many viable for running out without a massive case of sudden death. She did try to get into our phase from Taris 1 but it was impossible, and so she gave up trying and we had to look for a replacement and we decide that since there's the problems with Taris 2 depopulating, we should move to Taris 1 - which we run outside the instance to do.
By the time we found a replacement, the whole thing had reset -.-
So all in all it ended up taking ages instead of being a smooth run, and it really bugs me that it seemed we couldn't be re-united with our returning healer :/

So atop of the fact that it's hard enough to get a group for some, in my eyes you're also dependant on people not disconnecting, which unfortunately happens now and then.
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