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If I run through the KotFE story, I normally get Lana up to 20 or so, so she chews through the mobs quicker.
On crafting characters I have at least 1 companion at at least 30+ for the crits. - Especially if crafting high RoI stuff, the extra item is nice to have. -
I have an Armstech, Artificer and Bio with at least 1 rank 50 companion, and with their additional gather/mission skills I have most things but Slicing covered.

- And I'll have a couple extra at rank 10-25 -ish, coz I'll be using one to run about with and one for creating Bonded attachments etc.

As for the hordes of companions, I'm leaving them at whatever they gain after their first convos or star fortress runs or whatever - If I need another rank 10+ I'll recall one of the old comps instead of leveling up a new one.

Best of all seems to be Blizz, if you've got that far - he seems to like every type of gift, so leveling him up is easy!

Every log-on I scour the GTN for companion gifts, and snap up any bargains. - I also have 1 character that gets all the random gift drops- and when I need a new companion leveling up, I turn to the gift collector toon and send a few over.

IIRC companions get a good chunk of influence during the 1-50 story - though buying gifts is probably quickest, so long as you have the credits. -To earn them, H2s, PvP, GSF, dailies or crafting are among the top ways of making quick cash.
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