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OP raises a good point. In the areas where the bulk of the population is, grouping is pretty easy, but if you are slightly behind or slightly ahead of the main curve, grouping is much tougher.

The main issue of course is that any newer players that join will probably have to skip many of the heroic 4 quests because of a lack of people to do them with.

WoW used to have Elite quests in most zones, and the only way for newer players to get them done was to either get a higher level friend to help them (if they have any) or skip them and come back later.

It also reminds me of the PQ's in Warhammer. A great addition to the game all the while the masses are there taking part, but once the bulk of players have left the areas, they are more or less impossible to complete.

WoW solved the issue by removing the 'Elite' status of the quest so they just ended up normal quests. WAR solved it by converting some of the PQ's so that they could be done solo or with one extra person.

BioWare will have to do something themselves because this will become an issue.
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