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04.14.2016 , 10:56 AM | #26
I am a retuner, and leveled most of my toons after 4.0.

I use simple strategy to level influence: as soon as I got a new companion use green lvl 1 gifts to raise influence to 20. I am trying to avoid any conversation gains before that. Right after that I use all available at that moment crystals to buy gifts (typically I can get influence close to 30). All conversation are done only after that because your conversation gain does not depend on level, but gift gain drops significantly after lvl 10-20-30-40. By the time I have a third companion, my first companion is somewhere above 35, so I park him/her and continue leveling with third one.

With this strategy I have couple 40+ companions, three 25+ companions and one 20 by the time I finish class story - which seems OK for me.
On couple crafters I repeated Black Talon couple times, it gives ~ 7-8 K rep (only if you have not start KOTFE on the toon).