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04.10.2016 , 09:40 PM | #9
I just did Eternal Championship for the first time and Rounds 6 and 7 were the only ones that gave me trouble (didn't one shot). I did this as a 220/224 min maxed Arsenal Mercenary. One of the issues I had was I used all of my kolto stations during Round 6 and after I had beaten it on my second attempt the stations would not respawn for the following fights. So I did Nocturno and Drake without any help from the stations. Had to finally set my companion to heal spec for the remainder of the rounds. The kiting in Round 6 was the worse lol, I had my compaion tanking one add, and then the brawler was on them. Then I would solo the other add but whenever I was in melee range to attack it kept backpedaling towards it's friend, so that sucked. Nocturno and Drake seemed more like a round 8 or 9 encounter since it feels like it requires a better awareness of movement and ability management. Sometimes it was one wrong placement or just too slow and that was enough for her to kill me instantly. All of the other fights afterwards which were suppose to be even harder were almost as easy as the first 4 rounds. Most of those fights were just moving out of aoe and dps/ignore the adds when they came.