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Hey folks,

In the most recent PTS Update this week we made quite a few changes to adjust the difficulty of encounters 6 (Breaktown Brawler) and 7 (Nocturno & Drake Raven). With that, we would love to get your feedback specifically on those two encounters. Here are the changes that were made:
  • Breaktown Brawler: Removed boss immunity from King Crush and Master Ripper. The are now susceptible to any CC which does not break on damage.
  • Nocturno & Drake Raven: Tweaked Drake Raven's encounter mechanics such that when he is subjected to heavy DPS, he will try much harder to deploy at least one G0-ON Abductor squad to kidnap your sidekick.
  • Nocturno & Drake Raven: The stun component of Firaxian Shark Repellent (when used offensively) is now properly marked as a debuff, because being stunned is bad.
  • Nocturno & Drake Raven: Based upon player feedback, observation, and metrics, we have decided to remove the on-arm stealth from Stunning Mines (as the mechanic was reading poorly and causing a lot of confusion). Mines thrown by Drake Raven will remain visible after arming, allowing players to utilize them better.
  • Nocturno & Drake Raven: Corrected the tooltip text of the "Eyes on the Prize" buff to correctly refer to both Nocturno and Drake Raven.
  • Nocturno & Drake Raven: Drake Raven's Stunning Mine abilities now properly show a name in the cast bar.
Let us know what you think of these encounters now that they have received changes.

I would say for fight 6 the balance feels just right now, especially being able to CC to help separate them out more.

Fight 7 whilst seeing the mines certainly helps I still feel the enrage mechanic ( especially for Nocturno ) might be a big over the top damage wise for the target audience, especially at fight 7 - fight 10 would make better sense.

Might be easier if you put forward what the goals mechanically are for people to beat fight 7.
Because currently the best ( and for many the only ) way to do this is to burn down drake, quickly rescue your comp whenever kidnapped ( lovely mechanic btw ) then keep burning him down until dead - luckily he keeps flying around the arena meaning we can ignore nocturne a lot of the time or put yourself in a location when attacked drake that forces him to trigger a stun mine giving some breathing room.
When Drake is dead, grab the belt and easily stun lock and attack nocturno for the win.

If this is as intended then it works fine but if the idea is to have people burn down the opponents equally to avoid enrage then it's not working well that way.

I think this fight should really be #10 - it's the toughest ( both mechanically and dmg output with that enrage mechanic ideally ) so having it at #7 could be quite off putting to less skilled/geared players.