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04.06.2016 , 12:59 PM | #1 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
  • New Alliance Alert: Freedom Fight! Recruit Bowdaar by showing your prowess in the Eternal Championship.
Eternal Championship
  • Gungus Bogs: The Heralds of Zildrogs' melee attacks no longer have a 70m maximum range, because that was rather silly.
  • Lanos: Fixed a bug whereby Unstable Reprogrammed Skytroopers could retarget a companion if the skytrooper could not leap to its original target for over 60 seconds (due to it being in cover, for example).
  • Lanos: Unstable Reprogrammed Skytroopers who are unable to leap to their target for 30s or more will now use their high-powered Snipe attack every 16s, down from 30s. Don't just ignore them =)
  • Breaktown Brawler: Removed boss immunity from King Crush and Master Ripper. The are now susceptible to any CC which does not break on damage.
  • Nocturno & Drake Raven: Tweaked Drake Raven's encounter mechanics such that when he is subjected to heavy DPS, he will try much harder to deploy at least one G0-ON Abductor squad to kidnap your sidekick.
  • Nocturno & Drake Raven: The stun component of Firaxian Shark Repellent (when used offensively) is now properly marked as a debuff, because being stunned is bad.
  • Nocturno & Drake Raven: Based upon player feedback, observation, and metrics, we have decided to remove the on-arm stealth from Stunning Mines (as the mechanic was reading poorly and causing a lot of confusion). Mines thrown by Drake Raven will remain visible after arming, allowing players to utilize them better.
  • Nocturno & Drake Raven: Corrected the tooltip text of the "Eyes on the Prize" buff to correctly refer to both Nocturno and Drake Raven.
  • Nocturno & Drake Raven: Drake Raven's Stunning Mine abilities now properly show a name in the cast bar.
  • Zotar: Immovable Object now makes Zotar temporarily immune to interrupts, as interrupting Zotar while he was channeling Shocking Finale could break the encounter.
  • Little Gut: Adjusted the floor trap region boundaries to more closely match the VFX boundaries.
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