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Just some general feedback for now. BiS 224 player on a Scoundrel DPS, switching between a DPS and heal companion rank 50.
I enjoyed EC very much, it was much more challenging than I expected, and it has a ton of mechanics to watch out for. This really demands a lot of raid awareness, and is a good way to prepare for raid night in my opinion. Running through all 10 waves shortly before raid night starts will make you ready for raiding because your mind is focused.
It took me a while to learn the mechanics and I did die a few times. But now, I can get through all ten rounds with at most 1-2 deaths, which is about what I expected. Hope to get it down to zero deaths soon.

However, I am concerned that EC may be too difficult for players with no gear and no MMO experience. That is not that big of a problem, however it is a problem when EC is so frustrating players will just give up instead of trying to improve.
A Dulfy guide would probably help most players when they can read up what all the boss abilitiies do and what the best strategies are. Without such a guide, I don't expect players to learn from trial & error alone.
My suggestion would be to disable repair costs in EC. If players rack in a 100k+ repair bill, they'll quickly be demotivated from trying again. Just treat it like a PvP zone where you never lose durability from dying.
One more thing to make EC more attractive would be to increase the loot. Specifically, the credit reward from the weekly quests. My suggestion would be:
  • 5 rounds weekly: award 50k credits
  • 7 rounds weekly: award 100k credits
  • 10 rounds weekly: award 200k credits
That would make EC on-par with running heroics for credits, and since it is a weekly, players won't be able to use it to farm tons of credits, but it would cause players to run through EC more often.
Also, please add a decoration as a reward in addition to the mount and pet. A decoration that can be unlocked 9999 times and is BoP so it can't be sold on the GTN is a much longer-lasting reward than what you have currently. Thanks for selling Exotic Stabilizers for Arena Tokens, that was a great idea and will give players like me something to spend the tokens on.

Seems like the Kolto stations can bug out, see here for more information:

Now onto the 10 challenges. Sadly, I didn't see much of a learning curve:
  • First three bosses were very easy. I killed them before they did their main mechanics. Please increase their HP or add some phases where they are immune. Specifically the third boss should be immune while he casts his fire; I killed him during the attack.
  • The boss #6 with the two rancors was the least fun fight of them all. It's very difficult to separate the adds, which means they are buffed most of the time, and they had too much HP which meant the fight took very long. Maybe it's easier on classes with a lot of AoE damage?
  • The 7th boss has a bug, I believe. The stun grenades turn invisible shortly after they activate, yet it seems like they will continue to stun the player and boss. Please ensure that the grenades remain visible.
  • Bosses 8 and 9 felt very easy compared to boss 7. In fact, I did boss 9 with a DPS companion because the DtPS is so low. The difficulties should increase which each boss, yet now it feels like boss 7 is a content blocker and 8 and 9 are free loot. The bosses are a lot of fun and I don't think they should be reworked, so maybe you just need to move the order around?
  • It's possible to bug the final boss #10 by interrupting his Shocking Finale, then he won't lose his shield and cannot be killed. Please make him immune during that cast or have him cast this ability more often, so that he will always lose his shield.
Like I said, just some general feedback for now. Hope to post some more detailed feedback if I find time for it.

Video of my playthrough: